Being aware of your need for branding is one thing, knowing exactly what and how to go about it can be an entire different challenge. For this reason we have created an intentional process and well thought out packages – taking into consideration self discovery, creative direction, and the essential design elements needed to showcase your business and your message in the most effective and and the most beautiful way we know how to.

Branding and Web projects



From strategy to creative direction, from logo to marketing collaterals and social media styling, our branding package ensures that you and your brand are ready and equipped to live out your purpose successfully and in style – not missing any essentials of the process.

Branding & Web


Putting all of our experience and skills at the disposal of your brand is the heart of this package. We bring in the same ‘brand care’ from our branding offer and accompany it with a custom WordPress website – accommodating your content and positioning it to be at its most fascinating!

A la carte/retainer

Sometimes you just need a one-off. And at others, you need a whole bunch of them. Whatever it is, we can probably help.

However large your project is, we put our heart and soul into it.

Want to get started? Send us some info about you and let’s start something exciting and let’s see where we can take this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a logo only package?

    We do not! From years of experience in branding and marketing, we have come to recognize that to create a purposeful brand that fascinates there’s no skipping the strategy phase of the process.

  • Can we add on or upgrade once we have started the branding project?

    Yes, absolutely! You can add on elements to your project or upgrade to a branding and website package – we’ll make sure the investment is adjusted.

  • How does your payment system work?

    We offer a couple of setups:
    1/ Broken down in two 50% upfront and 50% to wrap up the project (before final deliverables are sent).
    2/ Broken down into 3 or 4 payments spread out over the length of the project – the first payment is upfront.

  • What template do you use for your custom websites?

    We build every website on our own custom-made boilerplate WordPress theme that incorporates all of the content and sections management. It is very SEO friendly and allows us to make every website unique and perfect for you.

  • Can I use plugins like Divi and such in your WordPress sites?

    Yes! As long as the plugin works within WordPress 5 blocks, our sites love them. In addition to builder plugins, you can use the default WordPress blocks within any page or post as well.

Project Inquiry

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