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How many of your ideal clients are you still not fascinating, due to misalignment in your branding?
The solution? In-depth and detailed reviewing and reporting of your current brand and website – getting our expert critique before making your next branding decisions.

Get Expert insight into your brand

Developing a brand/website that fascinates and enables you to consistently book ideal clients is critical – and certainly not optional. Because we know investing in your brand shouldn’t be taken lightly, we want to assist you in evaluating what you already have, and help facilitate the necessary adjustments to connect with your audience in a meaningful way which will them convert into clients!

What does it look like?

– A deep dive questionnaire assessing your brand/website in its current state, to uncover your brand’s essence.

– A thorough scan of your brand’s touchpoints (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

– A video walkthrough of our assessment.

– A plan of action for the most urgent and the most important improvements.

You're the one if…
You are longer confident in your brand

You have outgrown your current brand or at least sense a misalignment. However, you are unsure about what’s working and what’s not. You’d like experts direction and recommendations.

You need a restyle, over a rebrand

You would prefer tweaking what you already have, rather than going through a complete rebrand. You could use experts’ advice on how to go about the adjustments yourself.

You’re debating rebranding, and want an expert’s opinion

You are considering rebranding and would like an expert’s opinion before making the big decision. You’d like to get clarity on what could be done and how it would benefit your brand.

In either case, you are afraid your branding isn’t speaking to your audience (anymore) and isn’t enabling you to communicate and connect with the right people.

Two options for you

Brand Critique

In-depth assessment of your brand’s essence and aesthetics. Going to the core of who you are and how that should look and feel. Reviewing what you currently have, giving specific direction on how to move forward on both visuals and messaging.


Brand + Web Critique

A detailed critique of your brand (following the same process as the brand critique) and website taking into consideration user experience and brand messaging. Leaving you with a strategic and stylistic plan of action looking to improve your conversions.


What the Critiques Cover

Strategic Questionnaire

To begin the process we provide you with a thorough brand questionnaire to assess your brands personality. It is the same process we use for our 1-1 clients during our creative direction/strategy phase.

Positive + Negatives

There’s no moving forward without assessing what’s working and isn’t so much. This is where we deep dive into what you currently have, listing both the positives and the negatives points.

We make sure to go into specifics! For the brand critique, we look at the messaging, the graphics, photography, copy. For the website, we go through the user interface and experience yays and nays, media, copy.

Video Walkthrough

If you are visual like us, then you’ll love this part! We record a video of our insight of your brand and/or your website so that you can not only get better clarity on what we are covering but also so that you can always go back to it for reference.

Plan of action

A critique without a plan to better things is simply pointless. With this semi-custom service, we don’t only help you determine your brand’s essence, we don’t only go through what’s working and what’s not…

most importantly, we create a plan with a prioritized checklist for you or for your (future) brand designer to implement, stress-free of making damaging branding and website decisions.


I’ve been at such a crossroads in my business for awhile now and have been wanting to appeal to a client that I clearly am not currently. You really provided true VALUE to it, which helps when you’re looking for an outsider’s perspective on what you present to the world. I never realized how all over the place I was in my messaging until you pointed it out. I already sent a copy of my Critique off to Office Depot to get printed out so that I can keep it near me as I make decisions in my brand. Thank you again. I don’t think that I can say it enough. I can’t wait to see how a more focused approach really helps the business.

Amanda Woodruff
Leighwood Design Studio

Your critique options

About Katell and Jon

Together Katell and Jon have years of experience in branding and marketing – but also in assisting and encouraging fellow creative business owners.

This service is their effort to meet their audience at various stages of their progress in business.

Our gift to you

Credited Investment

The Critique service is intended to create the most value for your brand and to be your secret ally for your next big brand decisions. By experience we know once you have tasted and seen the potential of all your brand can be you do want to walk into the promise land – with that in mind we will honor your investment and your trust in our expertise, and credit your balance towards any of our branding and website packages – if you choose to work with us 1-1 after going through The Critique.

Visit our product page for more details on how to work with us 1-1.

Frequently Asked


    The Critique service was created for those with the desire to work with us but can’t quite go for our fully custom offers, for that reason we made the decision to not include a strategy call. However, we do offer the possibility to add on a 1-hour call once you’ve completed The Critique. Please message us for details.


    From the moment we get the questionnaire from you, we will have our feedback and walk-through video back to you within 10 business days.


    We would love to further work with you and fully develop and design your brand and your website. For that reason, we credit your investment in The Critique towards whichever fully custom package your book with us.

Are you ready…

to feel confident in your brand (again) for booking more ideal clients?

to get your brand to look the part and show your value to the right people?

to get clarity on your next big branding move and capitalize on your fascinating factor?

Brand Critique


Brand + Web Critique


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