Branding uniquely and intentionally is in the details. In the creative little things that you come up with to show your brand’s personality and core values. The concept of client experience has been on my mind the past few weeks and it has caused me to rethink some of my processes for Reverie Lane Designs.

Whether you sell a physical product or a service, have an online business or a brick and mortar business, having a great client experience will benefit your business and grow your brand’s reach. Let me ask you this, with obvious exceptions of course, have you met many people who like to be treated poorly? Or brag about bad treatment? I am going to go ahead and assume you answered ‘no’. People want to have be treated decently at the least but when you go the extra mile and make them feel important, honored and love, that effort is exponentially rewarded and beneficial to the relationship you build with them.

I am very aware that they are plenty of other branding designers out there, my job is to make sure that at Reverie Lane Designs my clients will receive that particular experience thought just for each one of them. How you sell is as important as what you sell.

Today, I wanted to share with you three simple ways to improve your brand’s client experience. Those are general concepts that can include so many great and fun practical ideas.


1- Compliments and acts of gratitude go hand in hand with client satisfaction. Think of it as flattery in the business world. For example sending a postcard that says “Thank you for your order, you have great style!” with each order with make your customer feel special, feel thought of and that’s all it takes for them to feel an emotional attachment to your brand. Birchbox sent a box last year with “you’re beautiful” on it and I when I got it I took it for myself and thought how sweet that was to get a compliment. That day I went on their site and reviewed some of the products they had sent me. In other words, saying “thank you” and “you’re incredible” goes a long way in creating a positive experience and an emotional bond.


2- Genuine care aside from monetary gain never fails to impress. That could be introducing a complimentary service to what you offer them that would benefit their business. For example as a designer pointing them to a copywriter to improve the website we are designing together, or if it’s a shop leading them to a service facilitating inventory management or shipping processes like Shipstation for instance. It shows genuine care and attention for their business that is not to add any extra coin in your purse. People get moved by such gestures and attach that feeling to the global experience your brand provided them.


3- Check-ins, follow ups and promotions are another great way to say “I’m thinking of you”. Once the project is done or the sale is over, you still have plenty of occasions to cater to your client/customer. You absolutely should keep track and be aware of ways to keep them in your world or part of your tribe as some would say. Repost a photo they shared with your product featured in. Invite your audience to check out their page and go support them for their latest launch. Promote their product, “my client is having a great sale right now on….”. That is the best way to get continual referrals and repeat clients. If you expect loyalty, you need to reciprocate it or rather initiate it. Once a client/customer always a friend…that experience is lasting and the relationships that are built through it.

My goal with this short and non exhaustive list is to inspire you to start thinking about your brand’s client experience and to encourage you to come up with unique and creative ideas to offer top notch client experience to your audience. It’s such a fun process to find little ways, or big ways if you are able to, to love on your tribe and create a memorable, unique and intentional brand.



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