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Purpose-infused brand & web design

People experience the world visually and emotionally. The art of fascination captures with the eyes and persuades with the heart. A brand that fascinates with purpose at every part of the process, is heard, seen, and remembered by the people you want to connect with.

Thoughtful design can turn your dreaming into doing

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Purposeful design has the virtue to turn vision and dreams into a profound and lasting brand. We are dedicated to the reason behind the design, and to the true ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.

Purpose-infused designs

We visually align our work with your heart and vision through detailed and impassioned creative direction, strategy, and design. It isn’t about fads or trends. It is about finding your purpose and point of view and crafting your message for the right people. The people who will remember it.

Her work is always unique yet authentic, and it’s amazing how she can shift her style to fit each individual brand she brings to life. I am so in love with it that I want to cry when I look at my new website. I IMMEDIATELY received feedback from my audience. They said they got lost in my site for hours…

Emily Cretella
Cursive Content

Katell was able to capture the thoughts I had hidden away in my head, and was able to create this amazing masterpiece! It captures not only me as a person, but my business as well.

Hannah Matte
Hannah's Sweet Tooth

After working with Katell I feel like I have a brand that actually matches ME. It feels like the perfect combination of all pieces of what I do and I feel even more confident in sharing myself and my message with the world because my brand exemplifies it!

Lacey Craig
A Lit Up Life

We came to her with a very rough idea for our labels but she turned it into something we are really proud of that matches with our brand beautifully. We had the vision for our brand and she has made it a visual reality for us.

Danny Ratty
Bib & Spoon

Katell is such a thoughtful and talented designer as well as an astute business woman. She’s helped me to understand the possibility that a branding project has on this adventure we’re about to embark on.

Reina + Co

I wanted somebody to give my project an injection of creativity and originality. Working with her on my project could not have been easier, and I’m stoked at the end result.

Ryan Thwaites

Our Work

Reverielane is an invitation to dream, to stand in your light and be memorable. It is just as much about each line, each shape, and each letter as it is about what perspective they create. We’d love to show you some of our favorite projects to date.


  • Figure out where your audience is likely dealing with in this season based on the creative entrepreneurial industry, cultural and economical environment and audience patterns
  • Discover which aspects of your branding you should focus on to effectively respond to their needs and wants.
  • Make your next branding decisions, the right decisions – WITH actual strategic reasoning and awareness of the current creative industry.
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