Assessment Quiz

A quick and straight-to-the-point assessment quiz that can tell you how well your brand is fascinating? We say oui oui… and went ahead and created it for you!

How surprising/innovative is your Visual brand identity?

Is your visual brand identity causing an intellectual reaction?

Does your visual identity flow naturally from your brand’s DNA?

Does your brand “translate well” on all platforms? (Website, social media, emails, ...)

Do you find it easy to extend your visual brand to marketing collaterals?

Would your logo pass the ‘swap test?’ (Trade your logo or icon with another brand’s, if the result looks good or better, test failed). Remember a good logo is tailor-made, and should only look good on you or with your messaging.

Is your solution to your target audience presented differently from most businesses in your industry? (Visuals, voice, etc.)

Do you keep your brand promise In their opinion? (Check language of reviews/testimonials).

How surprising/innovative is your brand messaging?

Can you easily adapt your messaging to talk to and with your ideal client?

Does your audience believe your mission statement?

Is your visual brand identity causing an emotional reaction?

Can your brand be turned into sub-brands?

Are you positioned as a solution provider in your industry?

Is it easy for people not familiar with you to remember your visual brand?

Is it easy for people not familiar with you to remember your brand message?

If and when your brand gets attention, is it thanks to your brand promise?

Do you know if your audience is drawn by information, style, emotions, or more than one of these?

If yes, do you engage frequently and successfully with that in mind?

In a line-up, does your visual brand stand out from your three main competitors?

Enter your name and email to find out how fascinating your brand is!

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