I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday and I am kind of glad to do it today instead, since it is the first month-versary of the blog – I’m sentimental that way! Anyways, let’s get to the matter of the day, my color inspiration for the fall.

The first day of Autumn is next Wednesday, it’s time to face the fact that tropical fun is officially over for this year, and it’s time to go from the beach shack to the lake cabin. I wanted to share with you the color palette that is catching my eye for this new season and encouraging me to embrace the inevitable cooler temperatures coming ahead.


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The fall is the time to still enjoy some blooms and outdoor activities while get into the homey/cabin mode. It’s also an appetizing time of the year with so many drinks and dessert possibilities. All that in mind I created a palette that would scream stylish and be somewhat colorful, warm and ‘yummy’

I wanted to draw away from the obvious browns and burnt oranges, which are the usual suspects when it comes to the autumn and the harvest season. I decided to make this richly delicious bordeaux the star of my palette and add some blues to compliment it, and finally throw in a hint of brown and light grey. It goes well with the whole Marsala trend from Pantone we have been seeing all over this year. The blue from the gingham pattern nicely takes us from all the coastal hues we have been enjoying through the summertime, to cottage vibe and the throws and blankets and fireplace cuddles. The orange-y brown or rich tan is a little wink to all the fall things we so love: leaves turning, pumpkin lattes, carrot cakes, only to name a few.

All this red made me think of wine of course – being the season of ‘vendanges’ in France – and brings me back to a fun way we drink wine as the weather gets colder. It’s called Vin Chaud (hot wine) and we usually have it with hot chestnuts. Here you can find a recipe to try out yourself. I am planning on making some this season and will post the full recipe and directions when I do.

I truly love this color combination and wish I could have a wardrobe overhaul with this palette in mind and/or redecorate my house completely. Does anybody need a brand design inspired by the colors of autumn? Anyone?! I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I do and use it for inspiration this season.


PS: For the wine lovers, you can thank me later when you’re tipsy laughters cause you to spill your drink on your bordeaux outfit and you can’t even see the stain.

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