I had been working for others for over three years before I decided to start my own business and build my own brand. Even after doing the transition I got busy and never took the time to properly brand myself, all the while assisting others doing it. One of my main goals this year was to polish Reverie Lane Designs and make it what I had envisioned it to be from the beginning.

Being your own client puts you in an uncomfortable chair. Making creative decisions for yourself is as if you were in the hot seat all the time. It gets stressful and frustrating. Finding the balance between what’s ‘me’ and correctly targeting my ideal client was my biggest struggle – before accepting that my ideal client would love what’s ‘me’. DUH!


What I ultimately want people to feel when they experience Reverie Lane Designs is a brand who cares and strives to use creativity to promote their ideas and imagination. ‘Complex Simplicity’ is my motto when it comes to designing and living life in general. It is about conveying a message visually in a simple way with a complexity or intricacy that stuns but doesn’t confuse.


Visually Reverie Lane Designs has that classic French aesthetic infused with modern minimalism. My inspirations are Coco, my sweet Coco Chanel who was an incredible business woman, fashion designer and brand. I also love Yves St Laurent and Kate Spade brands. All these three have in common that bold contrast of black and white which catches my eye every time and creates that high end feel. I wanted a subtle hint of glamour and added that copper/rose gold which I much prefer than the shiny yellow gold. Overall I wanted it to feel unique yet familiar, elegant yet accessible.
I also liked the black and white combo as it allows me to showcase my clients projects by complimenting them and not competing for attention. It ties back to that concept of facilitating and promoting which is at the very heart of Reverie Lane Designs.
I am in love with the result! It was absolutely worth it to take the time and effort to think through my brand. It is definitely ‘me’ and I have no doubt it will attract my ideal clients. It has created a new passion and devotion for my business. There’s truly great value and power in intentional branding.

Here are the mood board and style guide for my visual people. I do hope you get a good sense of what my brand Reverie Lane Designs is all about and in a way get to know me a little more.
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REVERIE MINGLES: HAVE YOU PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED THE POWER OF INTENTIONAL BRANDING? Please do show this design junkie your pretty brands and tell me about the concept behind them.

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