The concept of branding comes with its own share of confusion and misconceptions. Being what I do, I have found myself hesitating using the term fearing people would connect it to something else than what I was trying to express. Yes, I think it some cases it is that bad. I see it all the time and it’s understandable – why would we all know what everything means in this business world? For that reason I decided to create an infographic dispelling 10 myths about branding and providing the counter explanation of each confusion. If you have more questions concerning each myth/explanation regarding branding, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll gladly develop.

  1. Branding is all about visual aesthetics.
  2. Branding and marketing are the same thing.
  3. Having a good product or service will guarantee a successful brand.
  4. Branding is all about your own taste and personality.
  5. Only big companies need to create a brand.
  6. You can’t create an influential brand unless you are an outgoing extrovert.
  7. Word-of-mouth is the best way to develop a brand these days.
  8. Changing your visual brand identity will hurt your business’ image.
  9. Any graphic designer, artists can design your visual brand.
  10. Branding should have instant effects.

See infographic below for the clarifications:


REVERIE MINGLES: Which ones of these myths have you always believed and how has it affected developing your brand?

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