For Reverie Rendez-Vous this month we are having Ciara Miller of Pro-Visement share with us. She is an avid believer in pursuing your dreams and passions – in the right path for YOU, and today she’s sharing about the difference between a Passionpursuer™ and an entrepreneur and how they relate to each other. Have you been full of dreams but also of questions wondering what to do with them and how to go about answering the passion call in your heart? This article is just right for you!

Today it seems that being an entrepreneur is the “NEW black!” I mean, we would never think that just a few years ago, being an entrepreneur was the dreaded thing to do. Most people longed for security over stepping out on a limb and “gambling” their life’s savings on an innovative idea. Back then, it was more about getting an education that would hopefully be the key to your success. Most were going to school and praying to find a job that they could “settle down with”. How did you know you had found your “Career Charming™”? You would know because it was “tall, dark, and handsome”… It was the one that had health benefits, opportunities for growth and bonuses at the annual holiday party.

Entrepreneur Factory™


Now, entrepreneurship has come to an all time high! Everywhere we turn, everywhere we look, everywhere we “scroll”, there goes, another entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are appearing and popping up everywhere! I would imagine that Santa makes his toys during the Autumn months and opens up his entrepreneur factory in the North Pole from Winter to Summer, or maybe all year round!

EVERYONE wants the life of entrepreneur, for what it seems. They desire a life like the one whose company has been successfully branded, business is BOOMING, and they are living life in control of their own schedule and paycheck! Their thoughts are like, “Yesss! I like that! Gimme that lifestyle!” *Lightbulb moment* “…I think I am going to become an entrepreneur!”

Entrepreneurship is way MORE than that! It takes hard WORK, it takes doing things even when you may not want to, sacrificing constantly, and being/becoming business savvy, to list a few… Entrepreneurship is more than a GREAT idea. Please, please, please do not step out to start a business with just an idea, or simply a hobby.

I so LOVE entrepreneurship, and I understand why it is necessary. Similar to fire, I see the need for it but, depending on the hands that it ends up in, it can go from creating warmth for your home and food for you family, to DESTROYING your home as you once knew it. Over time, I have learned that everyone is not graced to be an entrepreneur. I truly believe that everyone should be a Passionpursuer™ but, NOT everyone should be an entrepreneur, and it’s OK, it is really OK. Being an entrepreneur does not make your better than anyone, neither does not being an employee degrade your value.

Team Entrepreneur & Employee


The entrepreneur is the one with the vision who shakes up the ground and paves the way BUT, every entrepreneur needs help from those who have been desiring to work for the same purpose. It’s really ok to join in on someone’s vision that matches with your purpose! It’s doesn’t belittle you or make you less significant. Help is needed to make things happen! The undeniable truth is that the entrepreneur can not be as successful alone, or without the help of those who are also passionate about the vision. The entrepreneur needs the Passionpursuer™, who has been waiting to join forces with the right vision that aligns with their purpose.

I would love to encourage more people to step out on passionpreneurship™ rather than entrepreneurship. If passion pursuit leads to entrepreneurship, great, but at least you would know that you are on the right path rather than simply following the lead of others. Follow your passion whether it’s for a “successful” company with benefits or for yourself, but make the decision wisely.

Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions, your passion can inspire you to produce and passions CAN profit. You define your own success, you create your own fulfillment, you live you OWN life! You can live the life you want, whether you are an entrepreneur or an Passionpursuer™, but you will only live truly fulfilled if you operate in the role that is for YOU. Walk in your own size shoe!
*Dying to find out what your passions are?! Click this link for 3 strategies to ignite the power of your passion.

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Ciara S. Miller, Elevated Fulfillment Coach, Career Strategist & Speaker
From the very beginning of her life, Ciara S. Miller could sense the gifts of her peers and see the very best in them. Looking at her own circumstances and knowing that there were many others that struggled with discovering their true identities, Ciara decided to take action! She thought about how she could change lives and help individuals recover their passions and bring out the fire that is embedded in each of us. That was when Pro-Visement was born!
As the Founder/CEO of Pro-Visement, Ciara’s mission is to provide them with life skills that are thought provoking and risk taking! With coaching sessions, support groups (such as EntreConquerors), and more, you can be sure to carry the information and inspiration with you along your purpose-filled journey.
In March 2017, Ciara will debut her first self~help guide called “Elevated Fulfillment”, a 14 day excursion to elevating your existing life! This book will expound upon 7 lifestyle practices that has both IMPACTED and totally TRANSFORMED her life. She wishes the same for you.

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