This fall on the blog among our usual topics we are putting an emphasis on productivity, believing that it is not simply a way to cross things off your to-do list(s) but also as a way to create habits that allow you to find that harmony between all the segments of your life and business. Last month I started the subject with two articles maximizing your productivity with an action plan and harvesting your ideas this fall and today for our October Reverie Rendez-Vous we have the fantastic Amy Vance from Eco Modern Concierge who is the person to contact if you need assistance organizing and managing your life and business. She’s sharing some straight forward and practical points on how to keep organized and boost your productivity. Enjoy!

There are so many ways you can be productive in business and stay organized. I wanted to highlight a few ways that my clients and I try to be organized, which in turn helps us be more productive. No one is perfect and we won’t always do these things, but some of these have helped me tremendously through the years.

• Use a planner. Whether this is a paper planner or electronic planner, I highly recommend you use a planner. For me I am a visual person and have been using a paper planner for well over a decade now. Making sure you have everything written down helps you not to forget any important dates, tasks, meetings, etc.

• Prioritize. Write down the most important tasks that need to get done each day and try to tackle those first. I am a big fan of to do list because they are oh so helpful. Once your biggest &/or most important task is out of the way, you will feel way less stress.

• Use apps. There are tons of different apps out there that are extremely helpful in helping you stay organized and productive some of my favorites are Evernote, Asana, Todist, Venmo, etc.

• Outsource. This is one of the things that has helped me a ton. Outsourcing certain tasks can free up so much of your time where you can spend it on your business, with family or on whatever you like doing. When you outsource certain tasks and services you are becoming more organized and things become more streamlined. Many of my clients outsource organizing and personal assistant tasks to me because they are looking to become more organized and productive in their day to day life.

• Plan the night before. Before I go to bed I like to plan what I have going on the following day. I try to write a to do list, pick out what I will be wearing, make sure I know what I will eat the next day and make sure I have all my supplies needed for the next day. This saves me so much time in the morning and prevents me from running around the house like a mad woman. Please note, this doesn’t always happen, but I try really hard to make it happen daily.

• Form healthy habits and set routines. For me if I work out and go to yoga my mind is so much more clear and I physically feel better versus when I don’t do anything all. Same goes with my eating habits, if I eat poorly I don’t feel nearly as great as when I eat healthy. All of this effects me physically. I feel way more productive and organized when I can establish clear routines and healthy habits. Whether this is eating right, exercising, mediating, having positive outlooks, journaling, etc.

• Ask for help. I know this is very hard for some people to do, including myself, but if you need help just ask for it. You can accomplish so much more with the help of others. If you have employees, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to them. For me I never ask someone who is helping me to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself.

• Use resources already available. There are so many resources available online and locally that can help you be more productive and save you a lot of time. There are many Small Business Administration offices located all over the US that provide many free or low cost resources. Same with libraries, Leisure Learning classes, etc. Utilize the free resources you have locally.

• Communicate. Communication is key and it can help you be super productive and organized. Sometimes I feel that I am not the best communicator when I have so many tasks on my plate, but I try to do the best that I can. Having clear lines of communication can help your business grow and not leave others in the dark. You can organize your thoughts and tasks better when communication is clear.


Amy Vance lives in Houston, TX with her husband Bryan and fur baby, Rothko. She began Eco Modern Concierge as a side job while going to college and working in the Oil & Gas industry. Eventually she turned her hobby into her full time job. She enjoys going to concerts, reading, volunteering, going on adventures and exploring new things. Follow her business ventures on Eco Modern Concierge’s social media sites.

Facebook: @ecomodernconcierge
Twitter: @ecomodern

REVERIE MINGLES: Which two points from this article would improve you productivity if you actually implemented them?

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