HAPPY NEW YEAR on the Reverie Lane!! – I know it’s January 12th but it’s my first article of the year.

This one is going to be a quickie, as I have a large to-do list today. I wanted to stop by and share about two things with you, the new services I added this year and a new blog series I am so excited about.


As designers sometimes we expect and assume that the client will come to us all prepared, with a clear branding strategy, all questions figured out, the why, the who and the how. In reality, that scenario is quite rare and we end up having to take the time to define all that, come up with a branding direction before diving into the design part. This reality is what prompted me to rework my packages and add some new features that would help with the strategic part of branding.

For any branding package, I offer a one hour consultation (which I already did anyways), it allows us to find a foundation for a branding direction and define the basics such as core values or ideal audience. I also offer that consultation hour independently from the design service, for the ones who need a few questions answered or some clarity on a branding point about their business.

The other new service I am quite thrilled about is the set of branding strategy bundles. Some business owners and entrepreneurs already have beautiful graphics or even have already figured out the why and maybe even the who but are finding it hard implementing it all and getting to the how. These bundles are designed for those cases. There are also perfect for the need of strategy for a specific season, for example a launch, or campaign or a rebrand.

They come in three options: one month, two months or three months of strategy, with three, six or nine one hour sessions. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to work with so many brands and businesses in context. Last year I got to do the whole process including the strategy part with a few of my clients and it made such a difference and such an impact on the final result. Branding strategy is oh so very powerful when you dedicate efforts and time to it.

Please feel free to email me if you need any clarification about it all.



Oh mes amis, once again I am bursting with joy and enthusiasm about this series. I believe in the power of personal experience and of the unique gift that we each have, and that is why I decided to create this new section of the blog called ‘Reverie Rendez-vous’. So what is it? Starting in February, every second Tuesday of the month, here on the Reverie Lane Blog you will have a special date with an incredible fellow creative entrepreneur sharing valuable and captivating content, inspiring you to grow your business and develop your brand.

I have met so many passionate, driven and creative individuals the past few years and have been paying attention to what they have to say and have been so proud and amazed by their businesses. I really wanted to set this up have them share a little with us all about their journey, or their inspiration, or their strategy, and so much more.

It’s going to be such a ride through different brands and various industries with practical tips, case studies, and demonstrations. You will not be disappointed! I am personally excited and ready to learn from them all and grow.


That’s it for today. I have to go back to the design world, ha! I hope you are as excited as I am about all these new things. 2016 is looking to be a tremendous year.


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