In the same idea as my previous article of being more intentional and productive, with personal and business matters, I wanted to share with you about the amazing planning tool my sweet and very talented friend Jenna Stratman at the J.Lynn Designery created called the 2016 Refresh Weekly Planner. She has three different layouts, a weekly, a monthly and a yearly overview. Before even talking about the amazingness you can find inside, please check out the covers! Just stunning…I love the modernity, simplicity and boldness at the same time of the black and white and the marble texture. It is so inviting. It actually makes me think of a well organized and modern office which always makes me so much more productive.


The planner is divided in two parts, the first half has all your essentials, appointments, meetings, to-dos, etc, and the second half gives you the opportunity to choose two custom Planner Add-ons. Below are all the features and details you can find in the planner:
+ 2016 yearly overview
+ Two-page spread for every month
+ Two-page spread for every week
+ Holidays on monthly and weekly layouts
+ Inspirational quote on every weekly layout
+ Notes pages before every month
+ Tabbed divider pages to separate months
+ Beautiful gold wire binding
+ Protective plastic cover to keep pages and tabs protected

+ Pocket built into back cover for notes, receipts, etc.
+ Your choice of TWO Planner Add-ons
(Meal Planner | Workout Planner | Blog Planner | Christian Planner | Lined Pages)
Here is the website where you can find more information:


I had the great opportunity to try out some of the beautiful pages from the 2016 Refresh Weekly Planner and I am sharing a couple of pages with you today, the blog planner page and the christian planner. As an overall feeling I have found the planner to be quite well thought out and so clear and bright. Altogether both pages were very pleasant and easy to use. I am quite new at blogging and Jenna laid everything out necessary to successfully manage your blog weekly. From breaking down all the tasks of prepping for each blog post to figuring out all your key stats by categories. I love it. I’m still getting used to thinking of noting down all those so this keeps me accountable and organized. It’s so genius!

I have been trying to be more diligent about meditating and reading the word and have realized that my problem is having a plan. Playing Russian roulette with verses really doesn’t work too well and the christian planner page from the 2016 Refresh Weekly planner doesn’t only give you a plan, it also gives you a process and a guide to study specific passages, a devotional paragraph and a song suggestion. Isn’t that just fantastic?! I personally find it amazing.

I am so impressed with the attention to detail and even beyond that, the addition of things I wouldn’t have thought about. I am also so happy for Jenna in a business way, how she worked so hard on this project and had such a successful launch and is now sold out on these beautiful planners. She truly is a boss lady!


Jenna let me share with you a special download link and also a little secret…she has a soon-to-be-released mini lifestyle planners for those of you who missed out on the Refresh Weekly planner. Get connected with her on her Instagram (@jlynndesignery) and via her planner newsletter (at the top of for getting all of the details first.


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