Reverie Lane Designs Shop – Grand Opening November 4th 2015!

2015 has without a doubt been the year of first, and of dreams coming true for me and Reverie Lane Designs. Back in January I put my big girl business pants on (said goodbye to my paternity ones) and went down the list of things I wanted to do with my brand and business this year. From the new website and blog to the new branding services, it’s been quite the productive year I must say. There was one last thing left on the list, which brings me to the matter of this article. Why not end the best year yet for my business with a bang? Exactly, why not?! Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen the Reverie Lane Designs shop is launching on November 4th, 2015!!!{CONFETTI}.

Blood (well sort of), sweat and tears (definitely) have been shed but the shop is about to be open and running and I couldn’t be more happy and prouder. Please, pretty please my friends, do not put a lid on your dreams and tuck that jar in a box up in the attic of life. Your dreams and ambitions are worth all the effort the entrepreneurial journey requires.

shop-fb-coverThe Reverie Lane Designs shop will be collection based, meaning every collection released will either have limited inventory or a limited period of availability and share a specific theme all across the products. I believe rareness creates value and importance. We all have heard about certain gems being rare therefore valuable, and that’s true and that’s part of the concept but I also think getting to have something that only a select number of people can buy, makes it precious and more cherished in the end.

This year has also been the year of new connections and collaborations which inspired my first collection: ELLEPRENEUR. I have connected with so many women in business this year and couldn’t have done half of my accomplishments without them. That is why I wanted to honor women who run their own businesses with this first collection. I had many inspiring ladies who kindly offered to be a part of this project but I could only pick four of them.

These ladies are incredible and have created beautiful successful businesses in their own industries. I designed one item with each one of them in correlation to their business and their brand. Enough about me…

+ The first lady, who by the way made it all happen, is the oh so very mesmerizing Heather Crabtree. Heather is the perfect example of someone who has mastered the balance between knowing your stuff to the T and being generous enough to share it with others. She is the leader of the Savvy Business Owner Facebook group which has over 5000 members. She also is a successful business strategist for creative entrepreneurs and helps create and grow businesses with smarts and heart – I love her tagline. With Heather we created a bold and stylish notebook that is feminine and trendy and represents her new branding.

+ Julia Warren runs a non profit organization called Celebrate! RVA dedicated to celebrate birthdays of underprivileged children. Julia’s passion for her organization and the children impressed me right away and I knew I wanted her to be one of my special ladies for this project. We chose to design a set of colorful and fun birthday cards. I also decided to give back 10% of the profit from the cards sales to Celebrate! RVA.

+ Tessie Cervantez is the sweetest person and a very talented photographer. Her style is romantic and soft and caught my eye when I first saw it. The product we designed together perfectly reflects her passion and style. We went with a set of the prettiest wrapping paper as she likes to cater to and pamper her clients.

+ Sally Mercedes truly has magical words. Her aesthetic is so fun, bright and positive. From the beginning of our collaboration we talked about energy and encouragement and lifting others up. Together we designed a set of three notecards meant to put a smile on your face and get you motivated to shine your light.


I have so many bouncing ideas in my head for future collections and what I want the Reverie Lane Designs Shop to become, but for now I cannot wait to show you these products from this first collection and see you use them and enjoy them.

Of course with every new birth, there should be a party, and whoever says party says goodies, so keep your eyes peeled for surprises and a fun launch. I sure hope you are as excited as I am.


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