The anatomy of a value-infused offer

What does an appealing and high-converting offer (product and service) focus on?

What is it made of or how do you build up such an offer?

What are the parameters to consider?

What people call valuable to them comes down to three things. The most attractive and high-performing offers combine all three of them, but any offer worth spending on will clearly have at least one of them in its marketing.

Let’s find out what they are…

The one about quality

Quality defined as the standard of something as measured against the things of a similar kind or the degree of excellence of something.

This parameter is the easiest one to implement and the first one to be named by people when comparing two products. Better is better and even if sometimes it’s perception based it is still effective and converting. In other words, a value-infused offer is an offer that shows quality — that seems better. Better than what it’s been before. Better than what is known of such offers. Better than others of its kind on the market.

Thriving to create a high quality product and a high quality experience, in comparison to itself but also similar ones, is the first step and easiest way to having a value-infused offer. Showing how it’s made, why it’s made that way, the choices behind materials /sourcing for product-based offers or formats and access for example for services, can contribute to demonstrating and highlighting its quality.

One down, two to go…

The one about benefits

A benefit is an advantage of a profit GAINED from something — “how does it positively affect me?” is the question this parameter should answer.

Although quality is the first to come to mind and easiest one to focus on, benefits or outcomes are actually the ones to lead with. People buy with their heart and then justify the purchase with their logic. You must convince them firstly with the reasons why this product or service will transform, improve, or positively change their situation. I always say you must sell the outcome before the deliverables. It applies here more than ever.

As corny as this might sound, what makes it a valuable offer is that it is valuable to them; it benefits them in some major way.

As you develop your offer and market it to them, the outcome of them using this offer should be front and center. Think transformation, think before and after, think positive effects…

Drum roll for the last one…

The one about convenience

Convenience is focused on personal comfort, easy performance, reduced effort or difficulty. In this context, in 2023, convenience is very tempting!

This parameter isn’t always a leading reason to purchase something or not, but it certainly helps — especially for certain industries or certain economical environment (with recession knocking at the door).

Convenience is a selling point on two different points of view: make it easy for them to buy from you with streamlined and straightforward processes, and take something your target audience is already doing and make it more fun, more comfortable to do, easier or less difficult to accomplish.

Sometimes the most valuable offer isn’t the one coming up with something brand new, but the one making a daily necessity or chore better. This parameter leans on improved efficiency and/or an improved emotional journey.

These three parameters come together seamlessly when we develop an offer that makes someone’s situation better by increasing the quality of something they need and use to get to a desired outcome (better sleep, healthier routine, making more money, staying organized, …).

Focusing on creating offers that emphasize quality of product, clear benefits, and a convenience-driven approach is the most powerful and effective way to construct a value-infused offer — aka an impactful and profitable offer.

As you embrace this challenge of either reworking your current offers and/or developing new ones keep these in mind, test out your ideas against these until you can clearly communicate and sell your offer within each of these parameters.

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