What You Focus On Expands

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before — what you focus on expands. With that in mind I’m proposing a February focus challenge of sorts. This month, let’s focus on value.

If we want more value from our interactions with our target audience and more return value from our marketing efforts, we must invest into them the value we want to expand and see, come back to you.

Now the concept of value is a whole can of worm. Sour ones for some, sweet for others; either way it’s most definitely a loaded can of opinions and definitions.

What we call value here, in the context of branding, falls into three categories:

The value you express.

The value you deliver.

The value they require.

Let’s dive right into the can.

—> The value you express:

The value you express is closely tied to your brand promise. What you intend to do, how you intend to do it, and who it is for. It’s all about your capacity to articulate the why, the what, and the how of what you do. This ability to articulate with clarity, enthusiasm, and persuasion how your product can benefit your ideal client is a money-making skill. It shows and usually grows with experience and level of expertise — it is also a sign of these things, and a good tell for the people listening.

Focusing on the value we express would be sharpening our ability to articulate our brand promise, unequivocally identifying who we serve, how we serve them, and why we are driven to serve them. An easy actionable exercise is to record a short video of yourself sharing your brand promise, sharing the value of your product and tweaking your promise until it leaves no space for confusion, distraction, or more resistance than when they started listening.

—> The value you deliver:

The value you deliver is about outcomes, and outcomes are about benefit. We tend to push the practical results of our creative work, aka the deliverables (you get a logo!, you get a logo!, everybody gets a logo!…). The value you deliver is ultimately about what positive, beneficial outcome said practical work can produce for them. Concretely, what is this going to create for them? Make more money – how? Articulating it, like above, is the first step, actually showing up and living up to the expectations set by our brand promise is the next.

Essentially, don’t promise what you cannot accomplish. The focus on this value could be re-evaluating your service list and product offerings. Where are you excelling and where are you always struggling to get client satisfaction? Do you still have stamina and passion for that one service? What skill have you still not monetized or what expertise have you not leveled up? Some of many potential questions to run-through.

—> The value they require:

The value that they require is dictated by demand and also the current competitive pool. Nothing we create should be done blindly, in a vacuum, or ignoring what’s happening in our specific industry or even in the general economic climate. Demand drives innovation and that’s where creative businesses have the opportunity to thrive and excel.

This value also has to do with the evolution or the construct of your particular target audience. A high-end clientele for a high-end service for instance will most likely have varying requirements than other types of audiences for other types of services. Similarly, due to different reasons, your audience might be in season where thy seem to prefer smaller bite-sized offers rather than the all-in, full experience service. Focusing on elevating this value is about testing out various things, asking directly what they want, watching what your peers are doing and responding on your end.

Phew… deep breath.

My intention isn’t to overwhelm you or up your cortisol levels haha. The heart behind this email is to encourage and convince you to focus on what you want more of. To put the value of time, effort, money, brain power into what you want to see expand this year. To add value where you want value and watch it expand.

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